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Jolly Britt

A restoration fit for a Queen! 

The Jolly Brit was formerly one of two jolly boats carried aboard Her Majesty's much beloved Royal Yacht Britannia, which was sadly decommissioned on 11 December 1997

BOAT NAME: Jolly Britt

BOAT TYPE: Jolly Boat


BOAT CONSTRUCTION:  Carvel Mahogany on Oak

BOAT BUILDER: R.A Newman and Sons


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Kicking off 2021 with a restoration fit for a Queen!  Built in 1953 as 'The Royal Yacht Britannia's Jolly Boat, one of a pair of 26 seat passenger boats made for  one of the most famous yachts of all time.


Her Majesty The Queen, Britannia provided the perfect Royal residence away from home  and was a majestic symbol of the commonwealth. Her Jolly Boats used to  ferry dignitaries and the Royal's themselves to and from shore when needed.  With rotten deck, hull, rubbing bands and stem she has been brought to us for a complete restoration and we are looking forward to bringing this one back to her former royal standard. 


Works started 1st January 2021 Jolly Britt was launched 16 weeks later on the 23rd April 2021 

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