Boat Type: Motor Yacht
Boat Length: 52ft
Boat Beam: 11ft
Boat Draft: 6ft
Boat Construction: Pitch pine on oak
Boat Builder: James Silver, Rosneath
Boat Year: 1932

Dunkirk Little Ship Wairakei II designed by John Bain is a stunning example of classic yachts at their absolute finest. Built in 1932, she boasts a beautiful canoe stern, which was replaced by us back in 2013, and is somewhat skinny for her length at only 11ft beam this cuts a very streamline figure when in the water. During the war, the Ministry of War Transport requisitioned her early on and she was commanded by a Lieut. Leyland. She had a machine-gun mounted on her foredeck and rifle racks all around her decks. David Divine includes her in his list of Little Ships used at Dunkirk and she is said to have saved 150 soldiers there.

Today Wairakei can be found moored eloquently on the River Thames in London, a shining reminder of the beauty that vintage crafts offer. She has been maintained by us for several years, and back in 2014 had a complete refit to her forward end, which had become a mismatch of unusable awkward spaces. The forward section was ripped out and an open plan galley dining area was created with clean lines and useable for modern entertainment without losing her period charm.