Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you are doing with Metana.

I just wanted you to know that everything you're doing is perfect and exactly how I pictured it and I trust your judgement. 

I'll be back to visit again next week :)

Kindest regards,
Metana 2014

Dear Dennetts...

Hope all is well.

Just to say that Greyhound is now safely tied up at her home mooring. We had a fantastic trip -- she ran beautifully and was admired at every lock.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done -- not only in terms of the quality of the work (which is absolutely superb) but also for the whole way in which you dealt with us. Unlike so many of your competitors, you actually listened to us and worked out where we were coming from and what we wanted.

But above all else, it was a huge pleasure and privilege to meet and get to know you both -- I very much hope (but very much doubt) that I will be fortunate enough to spend time alongside my sons in as wonderful a relationship as you two share.

I will follow up with Cindy's Uncle about his clinker canoe…and I hope the bloke whom I met at Bray Lock will come and see you -- he has a lovely old Edwardian Launch that requires work and he has yet to find a yard that makes him happy...

I am sorry that we will be away the week of your next trip to Henley.. but look forward to keeping in touch and to seeing you again soon.

Once again -- genuine thanks for everything.


5 star - Superb painting, varnishing and joinery on classic wooden boats, large and small. Great paint job on my Dunkirk Little Ship. Yard is dog and child friendly too!

Simon Jones Aureol

Simon Jones
Simon Jones

'Michael Dennett Boat Builders have been the sole boat yard to look after the 52 ft Dunkirk Little Ship I captain since 2012.

She is always completed to the time scales agreed and to a high quality each and every time.

The team transform her back to her best each and every year to ensure happy sailing and positive comments at each and every destination'.

Alex Hook Captain Wairekai