We are always keen to add a new boat to the Michael Dennett fleet, over the years we have constructed from scratch everything from dinghies, skiffs and punts to slipper launches, day boats and purpose built houseboats all constructed from timber. We have the skill and understanding to construct a custom built craft to your unique specification or a replica of a classic design. Our vessels are made from the highest standard of timbers and workmanship.

Matched Punts

We are currently building 3 matched punts for Wargrave and Shiplake skiff and punting club. The punts will be constructed from Robins Super Elite Plywood with teak treads and knees, the Gunwales will be of Brazilian mahogany and the deck finish will be a combination of mahogany and maple.

Dittons Single Skiff

Work is now complete on 2 matched single racing skiffs for Dittons Skiff and Punting Club. Our brief was to build 2 new traditional skiffs, that were to weigh in under 70kg.

A challenge we rose to, and completed with a new lightweight construction, weighing in at 69.6 kg.

Please view our gallery to see each stage of this project from start to finish.


Built as a replica of the Royal Shallop that was built for Queen Mary and King William III in 1689. Constructed in 1996, the craft's hull, keel, stern and sawn timbers were built of Iroka, planking is of 3/8th Brazillian cedar, oak is used for the steamed ribs and the six 15ft oars are constructed from spruce.

The fine carving at the stem and sax boards are painted in scarlet and gold leaf, at the stern of the loot board is the carving 'Thamesis' meaning Old Father Thames. The craft has been constructed as closely as possible to the original 1689 Royal Shallop design and specifications.