Skylark was built by John I Thornycroft at Hampton-on-Thames in 1922 for D. Melville Wills of Bristol and the Kyle of Lochalsh, to cruise between his two estates

She was commandeered by the Ministry of War Transport. She took part in 'Operation Dynamo' to rescue our troops from Dunkirk with Sub.-Lt. M.J.R. Yeatman in command. She was hit by enemy fire and the steering was damaged and, after being abandoned, was found drifting off Dunkirk and towed back by 'Southern Queen' under the command of Basil de Matos, together with the Eastbourne Lifeboat, Jane Holland

She remained in government service, first on harbour patrol and later pilotage duties until 1947 when she returned to cruising the coasts of SW England and Wales and her name was changed to Tahilla.

Tahilla until late 2015 reminded with one couple who loved her greatly they maintainer her beautifully, cruised her extensively and were regulars at Dunkirk Events

tahilla 3 E.jpg



2015  I  2017

Tahilla came into new ownership in 2015 and was brought to us for a refit, the owner like his predecessors  saw her as his forever boat and wanted to place his own stamp on her. 

 Over the last 10  years we have  noticed traditional boat owners are asking to open up the interior  space within their yachts, often not needing several berths but larger entertaining spaces and better amities. This concept drove her interior refit whilst maintaining her exterior  identity.


Opening up her saloon we used  an interior designer to turn "Mr Tahilla's" vision into reality. The 1920's, when she was built,  was when design entered the modern era, striking and  elegant at the same time, using this as a  concept combined with  'Mr Tahilla' himself  who always has an aire of traditional gentleman about him, we came up with a scheme which incorporated modern life with an elegant classic glamour you could find on the Orient Express 





When we discuss refits of vintage vessels authenticity vs practicality is the usual billing for a  debate and despite a change in her colour , which is personal choice to the client, her exterior is as original as any boat can be. Tahilla has always and will always be a  beautiful and capable sea-going, auxiliary motor-yacht of immense style and distinction with a lovely cantilever  stern. The interior has a wonderful rich ambience evoking an elegance of a by gone era mixed with modern amenities. 


It was  a privilege to work  with our client "MrTahilla" on this project, and  we cannot wait to see her apart of the Dunkirk Little Ship fleet at future events.

She is a breathtakingly beautiful motor-yacht which you cant help at stop and stare at whilst cruising elegantly along the water.