BREDA, ex: DAB 11 was built in 1931 for George Smart of Westcliffe-on-Sea by J W Brooke & Co Ltd. to their express cruiser design, as per sistership ST. JOAN

In 1940 the Royal Navy requisitioned DAB 11 from Heybridge Basin, Essex to take part in Operation Dynamo. Lieut. R W Thompson RNVR crossed the Channel no less than three times in six days bringing back a compliment of Dutch soldiers from Breda in Holland. Later Colonel Hardie changed the boats name to honour the rescued Dutch soldiers.




2017  I  2021

The work started in December 2017, with the removal of the rotten planking on the sides. It became rapidly clear, much more of the ship was rotten than we had previously thought.  19 ribs, 18 planks and 15 deck beams starboard, 34 ribs 17 planks and 15 deck beams port side, gunwale both sides, beamshelves, full aft cabin rebuild and transom replacement. 

Once all the exterior and structural re-build was completed attention was focused on the new interior. Designed in collaboration with designer Heather Dennett who worked closley with Alain and Michael who's fabulous sense of style clearly had a driving factor within the new interior.




Arguably one of the most decedent boats on the Thames. Breda is sensational design masterpiece: Charm and elegance of the 1930's will never go out of style.

We wish Alain and Michael many years  of happy cruising and will enjoy spending time with them on the water.