Lady of Mann

Established in 1830 the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is the world’s oldest passenger shipping line still in operation.
The involvement of the company’s men and its ships during the Dunkirk evacuation is a source of huge pride to the Manx people. Eight company ships – including the Lady of Mann – took part in the mission and between them rescued 24,699 British troops – one in 13 of those evacuated from Dunkirk.

The 27-foot Lady of Mann was lifeboat No 8 on the Isle of Man Steam Packet ship of the same name. Her mother ship was broken up in 1971 on the Clyde, lifeboat No 8 was saved and converted into a fishing boat/cabin cruiser. 

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2015 I  2016

Lady of Mann spent a year in our yard under restoration.. Though the original hull was still sound, the marine ply cabin (built in 1972) needed a complete rebuild, we were instructed by the Cain family to come up with a design that was sympathetic with her history and 'to try and replicate the 1930s pomp of the Lady of Mann mother ship'.

Taking direct inspiration from the beautiful lines which formed RMS Lady of Mann cabins, the unique cabin on top of LOM started to take shape. 


Lady Of Mann


We could not be happier with the reults of LOM restoration, she is a testiment to her Mother ship and we could not br prouder that we have had the oppertunity to restore the only floating survivor of teh ISle of MAnn Packet fleet which so courageously saved so many thousands of lives during the war, her transformation from lifeboat to family boat means this craft lives on whilst her soul remains in tact.