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JOLLY BOAT01 .jpeg


Built in 1953 as 'The Royal Yacht Britannia's' Jolly Boat, one of a pair of 26 seat passenger boats made for  one of the most famous yachts of all time.


 Her Majesty The Queen, Britannia provided the perfect Royal residence and was a majestic symbol of the commonwealth. Her Jolly Boats used to  ferry dignitaries and the Royal's themselves to and from shore when needed. 

The  Jolly Boat found recently rottening away  at the back of a boatyard has been brought to us for a complete restoration. Her  double diagonal mahogany on oak and elm ribs are currently being replaced.

Follow her progress here or on  our

Social media pages 




Built in 1912 for the Admiralty,  after WWI she lay deteriorating until in 1929 discovered and purchased by a Mr Charles Lightoller for £40. Mr Lightoller famous for being the highest ranking officer to survive the Titanic and the one who put in place the order to save women and children first.


Launched in 1930, Lightoller spent subsequent years using Sundowner untilI  1939, with the threat of war looming, Lightoller was tasked to secretly survey the European coast for the Admiralty. In May 1940, Lightoller personally skippered Sundowner to the aid of the trapped BEF in Dunkirk and rescued 130 men from their doomed fate.


We are very excited to start work on this iconic , even legendary Dunkirk Little Ship later in 2021




 This 77ft motor yacht, built by Camper & Nicholson in 1934, has a fascinating history both before and after her dramatic rescue  of 280 troops from the beaches at Dunkirk . 

Built for the famous Lord Astor of Hever Castle cousin of Jacob Astor who perished on the Titanic in 1912.  Llanthony exudes old world charm of a gentleman’s motor yacht, clearly identifiable as a Camber and Nicholson design  with her iconic lines. 

Working in collaboration with Gillingham Marina where Llanthony has spent the first 18months restoring her steel, once her shell has expertly been  strengthened she will come to our yard in summer 2021 for a complete interior refit and to have all her wooden superstructure replaced. 

Llanthony is true style icon and we are thrilled to be apart of this superb project to return this special yacht back to her former glory. 



This  1950's Hobbs of Henley Slipper launch, once was a winner at the Henley Traditional Thames boat Rally.


Omrah is a super chic slipper stern launch, the attention to detail carries through to every aspect of this exception vessel with solid Mahogany deck, original dashboard and lining, two Lloyd loom chairs and a beautiful colour scheme.

Recently under new ownership , she is in for some much needed restoration to her hull and an all over decorate.


 Works are being cried out ready for an Easter launch date. 





Viola is a beautiful 1929 Gentleman’s Saloon Launch built by Borwicks of Bowness-on-Windermere .     She spent many years on the Norfolk Broads until she came down to the Thames in about 2009

She is coming to us for some essential structural works and beautiful all over decorate 

Woodland Lily.Jpeg



Built in  1903 by Andrews and Sons,  Woodland  Lily  was discovered a wreck in 1965 and restored by Michael.

Woodland Lily is one of our longest maintained vessels, below are the original restoration pictures back in 1965 



Built by the Thornycroft at Port Hampton in 1935 Aberdonia has a rich history, between 1940 and 1946 she was requisitioned by the Navy and renamed NAVIGATOR. She took part in the Dunkirk evacuation and is thought to have made four trips to the Dunkirk beaches. She continued her war work as a patrol boat, working with minesweepers and taking sealed orders to waiting convoys


Aberdonia came under new ownership in 2020 came to us for some essential hull planking an d  an  exterior decorate. She now and looks absolutely gleaming an is awaiting for her  interior refit later in the year



Built in 1939 by J. Harvey and Sons of Poole in Dorset,

Her war record is well documented and we know that she was requisitioned by the Admiralty in May 1940. She completed two trips from Dunkirk to Ramsgate carrying 72 troops on her first trip and 90 on the second

Ferry Nymph is due out on our slipway in the coming weeks and you can follow her progress here or on social media. 



ANNANETTA was built in 1939 for a pilot, but she was seconded almost immediately to the Ministry of Transport. It is thought that she had guns mounted fore and aft, and there is some evidence for this on her deck.

Now moored on the Kingston reach of the Thames Annanetta has been a static residential boat for some years, however we are delighted that she is currently on our slip way having new engines installed and of course a gleaming new  exterior decorate.

At 56ft long and 14ft wide she is a large lady built Graham Bunn’s yard in Wroxham, Norfolk. Graham Bunn had a long association with making beautiful wooden boats and Annanetta is definitely one of the those with beautiful lines and proportions.  

To find out more about Annanetta;






Erme is a fast patrol speed launch build in 1945 by the British Power Boat Company for use in the second world war. 44ft x 12ft.


Works started on wonderful  Erme (Ermex) in September  2020 , in for restoration and conversion to Electric engine. Whilst we have experienced over the last few years a growing trend in electric motors in smaller day launches, this our first conversion of a substantial sized vessel and one which is to reach considerable speed too. 

She was launched in December 2020, works continue to complete her interior and we are looking forward to completing the project this spring



Delphi is a Star Craft wooden river cruiser which s were built 1960 by William Bates & Son in Chertsey in 


Double diagonal mahogany construction, 30ft long, 10ft beam 

Delphi  has been in our yard  to have her bottom replanked