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Winter 2015/2016 Tahilla Refit

Tahilla is a 65ft dunkirk little ship. Built in 1922 she was commandeered by the ministry of war transport in 1940 and remained in service until 1947. Recently purchased by a new owner, who has great plans for this wonderful ship. She is to have a complete internal and external refit, which echos the decadent era in which she was built with a modern touch, she will have the luxury of the orient express combined with the comforts of modern sailing.


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Dunkirk Return 2015

Dunkirk return 2015 was an eye-watering spectacle, bunting flapping in the wind, the little ships of Dunkirk presented quite a site with acres of sparkling varnish and paintwork, none more so than our very own collection of little ship customers. The last few months leading up to the commemoration, which marks the 75 years since the evacuation of allied troops from the beaches, has been a blur of preparation and I am pleased to say all the hard work paid for a breathtaking and emotional event. among the returning boats was our very own Gay Venture other patrons of ours included Janthea, Wairakei II, Lady Isabelle, Mada, Silver Queen, Brown Owl, MB278, Lady Gay and Elsa II. we cannot forget Nandura, Quest and Naiad Errant who did not make the crossing but are all in the yard preparing for the next return in 5 years time.


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Liveable Cruiser

As it is now winter and most of our winter storage is complete we have started building a 25ft liveable cruiser with inboard engines.

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Janthea has had a few planks replaced, a couple of ribs and a lovely paint job and is looking shiny all ready for Dunkirk May 2015.

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2014 Flooding

The devastating effects of the recent flooding

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Beautiful  48ft Rampart has hull scrape and new paint job

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Dunkirk Little Ship Mada, comes out for a paint job before her participation in the forthcoming Queens Diamond Jubilee, unfortunately while out, we discovered some soft planks. These now have been replaced and she is back in the water ready to take part in the celebrations on the 3rd of June.

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Loch Maree

Beautiful James Silver restored to former glory after years of neglect and almost on the brink of no repair.

Her hull has been completely re-planked in African Mahogany apart from the sheer strake which was made from Sapele to colour match in with the original structure.

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Perdita- 2012

The Tailor-Bates craft Perdita receives a new stem and apron ( the large piece of wood which holds the stem to the keel) ready for the spring.

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St Peter's Church Flagpole

We have been given the great honour to build a flagpole for our local church in Chertsey after the original pole was removed in 2009 for safety reasons.

Work has commenced on the new pole which will be constructed from Colombian pine, the best type of wood for flagpoles, and it will weigh around a tonne when it is completed.

Please follow the following press link to learn more about the flagpole appeal

Click here

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100 year old 40ft umpire launch,.

Thelma came to us for the start of her restoration, so far she has had 6 frames replaced and two new engine beds, stripped and painted the outside of the hull, scraped, primed and bilge painted the interior.

Her finish now is better than new!

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30ft Slipper has a new Iroka bottom, new ribs and hog all completed in less than eight weeks.


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40 ft Chris Craft up the slip for a re-paint and varnish ready for the summer season


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Henley 2011

View the fleet of vessels we have worked on, contributing in this years Thames Traditional Boat Rally.  Including the winner of the Bates Wheel 2011.



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Lucy Ann

Lucy Ann gets a new transom

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Oyster Boy 
Traditional style deck laid 
Length: 48ft
Weight:  28.5 tons
Construction:  Larch on Oak Frames
Year: 1943 built for the Admiralty by Frank Curtis in Looe Cornwall.
Design: Very similar to the later 50ft Admiralty MFV but with a transom rather than a canoe stern.
Oyster Boy has had a complete new deck laid, using the same traditional method, as when she was built in 1943. 


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Admiral IV

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Silver Lass

Length: 58ft
Beam: 14ft

Classic gentleman's motor yacht designed by John Bain and built by James Silver in the 1960s

Silver Lass has just had phase 1 of a huge restoration project to get her back to her former glory, arriving under tow at the yard stripped of everything including engines portholes deck fittings and all internal fit-out apart from one integral supporting bulkhead.

Work on this initial part of the restoration has included hull stripped back to bare wood, faired and painted. Portholes have been polished and reinstated, and important structural strengthening to the stern.

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Naval Pinnace

From condemned to comfortable in a month. Poor Metana unloved and full of rot and a deck you could not walk on, now she is moored on Imperial Wharf looking pretty as a picture.



3 in 1 Whaler

A classic 3 in 1 whaler, visits our yard for a complete restoration. Everything from varnishing the masts, complete new decking to a new centre housing enclosure, will make this the best 3 in 1 in use today.


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Corita of Jersey

Corita had a partially re-planked side and some new ribs, her entire transom was also replaced, after which she was finished off with a gleaming new paint job.

Please view this gallery to see some examples of beautiful planking work.

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20ft slipper launch in for a new bottom and a quick paint and varnish job. Completed on time in under 6 weeks.


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